YouTube New Look, Features & Changes [2017]

Google has just kicked off the rollout of a new design for the world’s # 1 video sharing service , YouTube . The look, at first glance, is certainly more modern, sober and with features suitable for those who spend a lot of time on the platform, as well as the official app for smartphones or tablets or desktop. The evolution of YouTube has ultimately led to the optimization of various video formats (after 360 ° and 4K video, it’s the turn of vertical videos, which now have a layout more compatible with mobile devices), and the inclusion of commands like skip (just double-tap on the screen to skip 10 seconds forward or backward during movie playback) and the speed setting arriving on the mobile platform.

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The new YouTube design also completely opens the doors to the much-discussed Material Design , also used to align the look of some Google apps and services. The interface is very light and finally allows us to enable Dark Mode (black-to-black transition from the camera to not look fatigued during night vision) without the use of browser extensions. Other features, including the like / dislike counting and the channel signup buttons, as well as side-by-side suggestions, remain unaltered.

Subtitles can be displayed more easily than before, since Material Design has also been applied to their playback during playback. Finally, also change the YouTube logo : painted in a vivid red, and perfectly recognizable on both desktop and mobile apps. The latest update of the video sharing service, therefore, does not disappoint, and allows you to enjoy movies much more flexibly: what other news do you expect before the end of the year?


Hoteiosho : The Japanese Santa Claus

In Japan, not being a predominantly Christian country, Christmas was not introduced until the arrival of the first Christian missionaries back in the 16th century, although this first incursion ended in the persecution and death of the incipient Christian communities. That, until the opening of Japan to the Western world during the second half of the nineteenth century, it was not possible to say that Christmas had some continuity with the massive arrival of Christian missionaries. Even so, the Japanese Christian community was, and is, purely testimonial, until the Japanese saw in the Christian festivity a commercial lode. It is from there when Christmas in Japan, as in the West, is sold by millions of advertisements and colorful lights that either enter your eyes or you become blind ^ _ ^ U

hoteiosho japanese santa claus

I suppose, at first, they saw Papa Noël, or Santa Claus, with a certain suspicion of being of foreign origin, so they had no other than to “merge” him with one of his many Shinto deities. Being a polytheistic religion with a god for each objective, surely they could find some that fit the mission of Orion and Good Luck. And so it was, found Hoteiosho. Some consider him one of the 7 gods of fortune while elsewhere he read that he was a Buddhist monk. Be that as it may, the Japanese Santa Claus also has a sack and, as a most remarkable feature, has eyes in the back of the neck to see well children who behave well and those who do not.

Apart from that, Christmas is little more than a commercial event in Japan that has been focused more on couples than on children, although that does not mean that children receive a gift. Couples on the 24th will eat their Christmas cake, one made of cream and strawberries. On the 25th, the leftover cakes are sold at a discounted price or with a very depressing air. There is a saying that women are like Christmas cakes, that before 24 is when they should marry and that after the 25 are already considered leftovers (T_T).

Apart from shopping arcades and shops, few houses put Christmas trees. If they usually do, they are small artificial trees with the decoration already set. They use as decoration of the trees the typical cranes of origami, paper lamps, carillones and candles. Apart from that, there are also few people given to singing carols. On the 26th all the decoration disappears by magic and the Japanese prepare for the end of the year, a party of marked Japanese character and much more ingrained. There is also a Christmas Museum which, as you will understand, is the date when more people visit it. They also unequivocally relate Beethoven’s 9th Symphony to Christmas. There are some who pay a visit to a church, even without being Christians, on Christmas day.

December in Japan is the month of bounenkai, a party to forget the year, so there are people who, otherwise ineffective, get drunk at night to forget ^^ U.

By the way, Merry Christmas in Japanese says Meri Kurisumasu, this is Merry Christmas adapted to Japanese phonetics, in addition to Kuriumasu Omedetou, which is also a mixture of Christmas and Omedetou meaning “Congratulations.”

If you want to see how they celebrate the end of the year, come to this post.

Source: Muylejano

YouTrack App To Download YouTube Videos

As always, in XDA Developers you will find jewelry in the form of apps that make our lives much easier, and they are a relatively reliable site when we download them out of Google Play, with the danger that entails. Today we focus on YouTrack, a small app that allows us to download MP3 music from a YouTube video.

The way to install YouTrack is very simple, as long as we have activated the possibility of installing unknown source applications on our Android mobile. For this, we have to enter into Adjustment and Security. Although, when downloading the APK will already ask us to change it only and will be much simpler. Similarly Peggo APK can be used to download peggo app is used for downloading YouTube videos.

Youtrack download youtube videos

Download music from a YouTube video in the same quality

The secure link to download YouTrack is this, which is connected directly to the developer community of XDA Developers. On that page, we find a button with a white arrow with a blue circle. It’s the one we’re looking for.

Once we have the app installed, it works like other converters that are online where you only have to enter the address of YouTube to generate the MP3 file with the sound. The YouTrack interface can not be simpler; it only indicates a space where you put the URL of the video, and that’s it.

As promised by the creator, we can download the music to the same quality that is in the YouTube video, which is usually 192 kbps but could also be at 129 kbps. ID3 tags are also added to the document that will also have the video cover and a link to enter it whenever we want later.

An app type that is always controversial

We recognize that it is always controversial to talk about these issues, and we encourage you that if you like content, reward the creator for what has cost him so much to create. It is also true that on YouTube there are millions of videos with other types of music that are not commercial (a great cover that has made a person or a remix of something that can not be found otherwise, as well as other non-commercial content ).

We do not defend piracy, but in the end in the use of technology goes against the conscience of each one. However, it is also true that sometimes it will be a way to enjoy something that can not be achieved otherwise or that was not intended to enjoy it beyond the YouTube video and could have a better promotion in the form of audio sharing.